8th San Diego Asian Film Festival Spring Showcase – April 19-26, 2018

This Spring Showcase, we invite you to gaze into the distance. See unto forever. Picture a cinema with endless possibilities, a utopia of representation outside the washed-out mainstream.

Creativity, entertainment, and inspiration in perpetual motion.


Exclusively for JAHSSD members and friends:

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SATURDAY, APRIL 28, 2018 at 2:00 p.m at  the Annex Hall, Buddhist Temple of San Diego

Benefits the Japanese American Historical Society of San Diego

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New JAHSSD Exhibition at San Diego History Center

Imagine attending school surrounded by fences and overlooked by guard towers. For those children of Japanese descent detained in internment camps during WWII, this was their reality. Did it deter them from learning? How different were their schools days to the students outside the fence? How was it even possible to get an education when they arrived to no schools, no teachers and no books?

For most of those evacuated from San Diego County, their initial destination was the Assembly Center at Santa Anita Racetrack in Arcadia, Pasadena, 130 miles north of San Diego. As no provision had been made for the children of school age to continue their education, the detainees set about organizing something that would at least begin the process. By the end of the first week, a 40-member staff of volunteer teachers had been pulled together, many of them college graduates, and “recreational” classes were being held for over 250 children in the recreation hall.

After the evacuation of Santa Anita Assembly Center started four months later, many of the families evacuated from San Diego were sent to an internment camp in Arizona. Upon their arrival at the Poston camp near Parker, Arizona, the internees found that they had to start all over again when it came to schools and education for their children. This was a major challenge because, as was the case in Santa Anita, they had no supplies and no teachers.

However, after albeit a very challenging start, they still retained strength of will and a passion to succeed. Even though they had arrived with nothing, they still had their ability to improvise and make the best of what they had.

Come and see our new exhibition that highlights what school was like for those students and how they overcame the restrictions of their location to continue their education.